David Fox

As something of a polymath, I continue to make art that is, hopefully, cogent, provocative, aware, and compelling.

My work is post-modern in the sense that it embraces a wide range of subjects and disciplines. A new body of work always requires a new way of working. The old-school method of one-style-fits-all doesn't is constricting and out-dated. I employ a pluralist approach in my thinking and try to avoid a signature style. A single idea may manifest itself in various media as in my Interrogation series which resulted in work produced as drawings, prints, and animation and a play.

A personal morality and an aching sense of redemption is the loam in which my work germinates. I work from a Humanist point of view.  My subjects is the human drama, the joy, love and sorrow of existence. I often draw on literature as a starting point for a series. Poetry and drama, including Greek tragedy, Shakespeare, the absurdist plays of Pinter and some poems by Zbigniew Herbert, have all inspired me. But I also have drawn and painted construction sites, demolition sites, a series based on books, a series based on LP records, Dante's Inferno, war, power and abuse of power. I am not restricted in any sense by subject because the same sensibility is at work with each new project.

It is important to state that I work to discover the form my art will take and not with any a priori notions that I then merely illustrate. This may, and often does, require new materials and approaches that take me on my journey of exploration. This way I work, not for a market or to fulfill a role or style that an audience might expect, but to surprise and astonish myself and the public alike.

I also do not discriminate between subjects or impose a hierarchy. I find that life drawing and observational drawing are just as important as overt political statements I might make in other works. To me, they are all responses in one way or another to the Human Condition.